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My cover art for Marshall Conn’s “Virtual Boy EP”.

Get ready world! Marshall Conn, front man of The Gott Mountain Boys, has been working on a solo project to tantalize your tastebuds! This acoustic set goes from La Dispute covers, to scathing criticisms of George Lucas, to emotional Pokemon themed ballads of tragic proportions. 

Hear what the critics are saying:

"I’ve never experienced anything as epic as Marshall Conn’s ‘Virtual Boy EP’." -Peter Jackson

"Marshall Conn is the voice of a generation!" -Deepak Chopra


Experience the magic!  January 2nd, 2012.


… very least, it’s free. so go download it tomorrow. I will post a link. 

If you love Skyrim, and you love folk music, this song is for you.

My music debut. 

I am the guy playing the Tibetan singing bowl at the beginning. The other guys are my roommates. You can check out the lead singer/banjo players tumblr here. 

Daniel Johnston sings a song called “God” in which he states that he is glad God made him. 

I’ve been learning what it means to love myself over these last few months, but that line made me a bit uncomfortable. 

Then I got over it. Things aren’t exactly how I would prefer them to be on this day, but I’m happy with the job God is doing.

Abstract Bird #3

Based on everything by Half-Japanese (specifically Ball & Chain).

Listen to/watch the magic. 

Turn this music up and dance like the man in the grey sweatshirt or the skeleton girls for the full effect. 

Abstract Bird #2

-Based on “Fantasy” by the XX.

Listen to it here.

Turn the lights off, make the video full screen, have a few moments of silence and then press play.