Some gifts from my Chinese students! A ducky keychain, a frog keychain which turns into a pen, and a new iPhone 4S!

I climbed that mountain. No big deal.

A panoramic shot of a mountain lake we visited.

My good friends from the hot new band Wing Commander sent me an awesome pin and a very sweet letter! I am giving out their CDs for prizes in class today!

At one of only 8 leaning towers in the world!

We biked through the mountains today. My butt hurts, but it was beautiful. (Taken with Instagram)

I found a kitty! This whole trip just got better! 🐱❤🐱❤🐱❤ (Taken with Instagram)

Village trip. (Taken with Instagram)

Village trip. (Taken with Instagram)

Village trip. (Taken with Instagram)

I was hoping that there was at least once in this album where everyone in Ireland picked up a banjo and played it as fast as they could. I was not disappointed. (Taken with Instagram)

That’s the bottom of the lantern! (Taken with Instagram)

Happy mid autumn festival everyone! My lantern says Kiss Day because my girlfriend and I blew kisses to each other today! (Taken with Instagram)

Hey friends

I haven’t had internet for the last few weeks, but life is good. I have read every Chronicles of Narnia book, gotten awesome at Age of Empires 3, and listened to a lot of Yo-Yo Ma. The amount of things you can do while you can’t waste time on the internet is amazing. 

I have also been teaching English at a high school and I love it! I honestly didn’t think I would, but it has been very enjoyable. We teach quite a bit, may 16 classes a week. We also lead an “English Corner” 4 times a week. That is a club where people get together and have a discussion about something in English. It’s super relaxed and fun. We talked about informal American etiquette last week and the kids loved it! We taught them how to shake hands and say “what’s up”.

It’s the Mid Autumn festival tomorrow so everybody has been selling moon cakes. I’ve heard that you sit around and eat moon cakes and look at the moon tomorrow.  Should be fun!


This is a path that we take to class. The campuses here are way cooler than in America. (Taken with Instagram)