Just chilling in Hong Kong.

I don’t know.

Thanks for coming to rescue us King Baby Jesus.

First off, please ignore my misspelling of pamphlet. But this has been my latest idea; straight forward gospel tracts for people who want to cut the crap and get right to theology. No optical illusions, no fake money, no cute attempts to trick you into hearing the Gospel. How do you feel about this idea? Christian friends, how would you feel about giving these out? Non-Christian friends, how would you feel if you saw this laying around?

Okay here is a mockup of what the cover could look like. I’ve also been thinking about making tracts for Christians with a simple essay over various topics like what Calvinism is, different ideas on Genesis 1, support for the trinity, anything to better educate Christians really.

The Chinese love their fireworks.

The traditional clothes of my people.

Dog for dinner tonight. Tastes just like roast beef.

Having rat for dinner.

The kids think my beard is the funniest thing.

Nothing like some delicious dumplings and hot soup on a cold day! All for under $.50. I get these all the time.

I have begun my plans for the Ultimate Blanket Fort System (or U.B.F.S.). The U.B.F.S. is a complete system of specially designed hooks, ropes, blankets, weights and other devices to provide infinite blanket fort configuration possibilities. This is the first draft, so please help me out by making design suggestion or letting me know what you look for in the perfect blanket fort.

This is an artist I met today. He is standing next to a giant hammer he made which tells the story of a local species of fish that has gone extinct because of overfishing and pollution. It is completely covered in poetry that warns us to be careful with our environment and not to go against nature.

The best calligrapher in China made me this! He is a friend of a friend of a friend. And that’s my bed!

Some gifts from my Chinese students! A ducky keychain, a frog keychain which turns into a pen, and a new iPhone 4S!